Illumination Modules

Light Up Next-Generation Applications

TriLumina’s Illumination Modules provide a source of illumination for multiple applications, such as Driver/Occupant Recognition Systems, Industrial/Robotics, Gesture Recognition, Time of Flight Cameras, 3D-sensing and more.

Optimized for size, reliability and cost, the module generates invisible, infrared light using TriLumina’s patented VCSEL laser arrays. Through the use of integrated microlenses, it can produces a far-field divergence angle of less than 15 degrees. Similarly, with the integrated microlenses and/or the use of external optics, myriad FoV configurations can be achieved. Each individual VCSEL element’s beam combines incoherently in the far field to create a powerful, combined beam with little to no speckle noise.

Integrated microlenses can be used to maintain low beam divergence without costly and bulky external optics. Each VCSEL element is considered a point source, while the entire array acts as an extended source to enhance eye safety.

  • Flexible – Very small VCSEL array dies can be connected and configured for flexible module design capable of low-power to high power scaling, structured lighting patterns, segmented FoV and many other design choices.
  • Cost-effective – Though the use of the flip-chip, back-emitting VCSELs, hundreds of lasers are packed in a very small die to maximize the output power while minimizing the die footprint, thereby lowering cost and improve performance with standard packaging.
  • High reliability All solid-state with no moving parts, MEMs or bond wires.