Optoelectronics Assembly Technician

Job Description

TriLumina is the world’s leading provider of solid-state, back-emitting VCSEL laser array technology enabling automotive, consumer and industrial markets. TriLumina’s unique VCSEL laser emitters provide low-cost, small form factor, high-power illumination for 3D Sensing, Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) and occupant monitoring solutions.

 Job Description:

TriLumina Corp., an Albuquerque based high-tech company that is developing a unique optoelectronic device and system technology, has an opening for an experienced assembly technician.  The candidate needs to have a strong technical background and a proven track record in previous relevant positions and/or an educational background that includes assembly of optical and/or electrical components.  Flexibility, resourcefulness, and a willingness to learn and thrive in a dynamic small team environment are essential traits.

The Optoelectronics Assembly Technician will play a primary role in assembling TriLumina’s vertical cavity laser devices and will work with the engineering staff to do optical assembly of products, and to develop and execute related assembly evaluation.  This Optoelectronics Assembly Technician role will also support product testing as needed.

 Brief Description of Principle Tasks:

  • Perform optoelectronics assembly technician tasks including: die pick from wafer, visual inspection, plasma cleaning, flip chip bonding, die shear measurements, wire bonding, epoxy attach and other assembly processes
  • Perform clean-room tasks in support of TriLumina’s internal sub-mount processing: photolithographic patterning, metal deposition, etch
  • Follow assembly processes for optical component assembly.
  • Conduct optical assembly tasks working with optical assembly team.
  • Evaluate quality of optical assemblies and troubleshoot assembly processes as required.
  • Document processes and outcomes.
  • Conform to all clean-room requirements, quality requirements, and safety requirements.
  • Perform product testing to support throughput as necessary: test set-ups include power supplies, oscilloscopes, spectrometers, optical sensors and data acquisition software (LabView)

The Optoelectronics Assembly Technician will work within and help to support a world-class laser development team.  This position will help bring next generation high-speed VCSELs from idea to reality. The position requires breadth and depth of skill and excellent ability to collaborate with laser device and test engineers, technologists, reliability experts, and manufacturing process specialists.

Education-Training/Experience Required of Applicants:

  • Atleast 2 years of experience and proficiency with optoelectronic assembly
  • Experience in laboratory and clean-room environments (lab organization, scheduling and execution of tasks, basic equipment up-keep)
  • An associate or bachelor’s degree in a related technical field is a plus. Equivalent or related educational experience will be considered.
  • Experience with optical, fiber optical and/or laser components is a plus.
  • Experience with optical component testing or test equipment including power supplies, oscilloscopes, optical and LabView.