Electronics Engineer

Job Description

TriLumina Corp., an Albuquerque based high-tech company that is developing a unique optoelectronic device and system technology, has an opening for an experienced Electrical/Electronics Engineer.  The successful candidate needs to have a broad electrical and electronics engineering background and experience in designing and testing analog and digital circuits.  This person will help Trilumina design and realize illuminator modules that meet performance specifications and have high reliability and manufacturability.  The candidate will possess a strong technical background and a proven record of accomplishment in previous relevant positions.  Flexibility, resourcefulness, and a willingness to learn and thrive in a dynamic small team environment are essential traits.

The Electrical/Electronics Engineer will work with an experienced team on the design, modeling, development, and manufacture of pulsed electro-optical illuminator modules that are based on TriLumina’s vertical cavity laser devices and assemblies.  This person will work closely with other members of the engineering staff to design, build, and evaluate photonic and electronic products that use this technology and fit within the related LiDAR application space.



  • Design of circuits that provide pulsed current to laser devices
  • Device selection and layout of circuit boards and related device assemblies to meet pulse current requirements with maximum efficiency.
  • Electromagnetic and lumped circuit analysis of circuits and related device assemblies.
  • Test performance properties of circuits and devices using electronic characterization equipment including oscilloscopes, power supplies, laboratory pulsed and CW power supplies, network analyzers, and optoelectronic measurement equipment.
  • Use SPICE models of laser modules developed by the team for designing driver circuits and test boards.
  • Plan and implement test flows for illuminator module products, including statistical process control and organization of test results.
  • Understand and optimize for the reliability impact of circuit designs and component choices.
  • Perform tolerance analysis to assure performance and reliability over full range of operational conditions (temperature, environmental factors, etc).
  • Engage a wide range of vendors of services, equipment, and supplies for realization of optoelectronic modules.
  • Write reports and work instructions.
  • Interface with customers and investors as part of the technical team.
  • Work with other engineering staff to design reliability test plans related to applicable circuit and device characteristics.
  • Transfer product designs and related manufacturing and test techniques to worldwide manufacturing partners.


  • Minimum 3-5 direct years of experience in design, layout and test of analog and mixed signal circuits.
  • Experience with SPICE simulation tools.
  • Experience in layout of circuit boards using commercially-available software tools.
  • Sourcing of components and relationships with suppliers.
  • Ability to collaborate with laser device engineers, technologists, technicians, reliability experts, and manufacturing process specialists and contribute in a team environment.
  • Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, physics or equivalent.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.


  • Experience with optoelectronics (VCSELs, semiconductor lasers, or photo detectors).
  • Product design experience involving custom circuit design.
  • Specific experience with related products for automotive applications is a plus.