The possibilities are almost endless

Endless Possibilities

TriLumina employs incredibly fast pulses of infrared light to record measurements as that light is reflected off nearby objects, allowing users to see the world in almost perfect perception.


Use TriLumina illumination modules in smartphones and tablets to enable facial recognition for user authentication. Not only can it detect an individual identity, it can record different views for accurate identification.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

TriLumina’s illumination modules are ideal for AR/VR applications, such as video games and experiences. They can help “see” the environment and place objects accordingly or, in the case of a VR/AR headset, see the environment around the user.

3D Cameras

With TriLumina illumination modules, ultra-fast infrared light pulses capture images as they are, allowing users to take exact measurements of objects in space as the light bounces off of them. Imagine Realtors® or builders using 3D cameras to accurately map environments for clients or projects.

Potential Use Cases