True 3-D Vision

Unlike radar, which uses radio waves to inventory the environment, TriLumina’s LiDAR illumination solutions allow you to see your world in perfect perception. These solutions send out light pulses every few billionths of a second—literally at the speed of light—to detect and map objects in real time.

Where radar only detects objects moving away from or toward you, LiDAR provides lateral perception for true 3-D visibility. This makes TriLumina ideal for 3D-sensing applications, as well as for long-range applications of several hundred meters—such as autonomous vehicles—and short-range applications like in-cabin monitoring. Really, the applications for TriLumina’s illuminated solutions are limited only by the imagination.

Autonomous LiDAR

Low-cost LiDAR (Light Distance and Ranging) for autonomous vehicle, ADAS and other automotive-related applications.

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In-Cabin Monitoring

Compact illumination technology for dramatically improved illumination options including in-cabin illumination and ToF use cases.

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For accuracy, speed and resolution TriLumina’s VCSEL arrays in 3D-sensing systems help to accurately capture views of the physical environment.

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