TriLumina is led by an experienced and proven executive team.

Dr. James Foresi

Vice President of Product Development

James has over 21 years of experience in optical components, compound semiconductors and solar energy systems. Prior to joining TriLumina he was Vice President of Technology for Suncore Photovoltaics where he and his team developed and deployed utility-scale concentrating photovoltaic system.  As Vice President of Engineering of Clarendon Photonics, a venture-backed start-up company, he developed integrated optical modules for wavelength division multiplexed metropolitan area networks.  James has also held product development and project management roles at Sandia National Labs and Emcore, where he worked on VCSELs in data communication applications.  Dr. Foresi received his PhD in Material Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and electrical engineering degrees from Boston University and the University of Michigan.


Comprised of world-renowned optoelectronics experts and seasoned business executives, the team has enjoyed success in the optical communication and semiconductor industries – Intel, and Texas Instruments LTV. Members of the executive team have founded multiple companies together and grown them through successful exits in the optoelectronic and other industries. TriLumina’s engineering and manufacturing team is comprised of former MODE, Intel and Sandia and Los Alamos Labs scientists.