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Patented VCSEL technology for next-generation applications.

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Why TriLumina?


TriLumina delivers industry-leading illumination solutions for automotive, industrial and consumer products. These patented innovations in VCSEL technology for 3D-sensing and LiDAR enable fast development of tomorrow’s technologies. As the preferred industry platform, TriLumina illumination solutions democratize and advance a range of applications—from AR/VR, 3D-cameras to self-driving cars and beyond.

The TriLumina Difference


Driven by multi-mode camera inflection point and flash LiDAR, the industry is quickly transitioning from LEDs to VCSELs. And TriLumina is driving this transformation.

As the industry’s preferred platform, TriLumina enables broad LiDAR deployment, by focusing on the most expensive and unreliable part of the current systems: the laser modules. Instead of big, expensive mechanical components, TriLumina delivers inexpensive LiDAR illumination modules that are much smaller than alternative technologies. Some of the modules are much less than that of the size of a dime.

TriLumina’s VCSEL laser array technologies continue to evolve with milestone advances in design, and applications that are driving tomorrow’s laser-assisted autonomous and 3D-sensing technologies into the mainstream.

  • Innovative flip-chip VCSEL array approach for performance and design flexibility
  • Full or segmented FoV illumination
  • No moving parts for full FOV or segmented illumination
  • Engineered solutions for eye safety
  • Standardized, scalable manufacturing processes
  • Over 65 U.S. patents, granted and pending

Experience TriLumina

TriLumina semiconductor laser solutions enable low cost LiDAR (Light Distance and Ranging) for automotive, ADAS and other applications. Its new chips will advance Time of Flight (ToF) capabilities while reducing power requirements and size, and its fast pulse technology provides dramatic improvement in performance and form factor for LIDAR.

TriLumina’s compact, high-power illumination technology dramatically improves the illumination options for in-cabin monitoring systems. Its compact form factor and efficient operation enables inconspicuous integration into the cabin, allowing devices to see in daylights as well as dark environments. In addition, by enabling ToF functionality, the in-cabin use cases are greatly expanded.

For accuracy, speed and resolution TriLumina’s VCSEL arrays in 3D-sensing systems help to accurately capture views of the physical environment.

Partnering For The Future

TriLumina is taking off! For manufacturers, suppliers and investors, TriLumina offers powerful opportunities to get in on the ground floor and help advance next-generation technologies.

Manufacturing Partners (OEMs)

Tap into TriLumina’s patented, innovative technology to add value to finished products—and engage in an ongoing, mutually beneficial partnership to develop innovative products.

System Suppliers

Use industry-leading TriLumina illumination solutions for LiDAR and 3D-sensing in new automotive, industrial and consumer products where cost, size and reliability are vital.


Invest in TriLumina’s patented VCSEL array technology—backed by extensive intellectual and industry leadership and technical savvy—and help bring this “big idea” to a largely untapped market.

Ready to jump in?


  • Is being on the cutting-edge important to you?
  • Do you want to work with top creative minds?
  • Are you ready to advance technology while advancing your career?

TriLumina wants creative leaders, thinkers and doers to inspire innovation that advances next-generation VCSEL laser technologies—and makes history. If you want to make a big impact at a growing company and work with a high performance team, look no further.

Led by management and engineering teams with considerable experience in the semiconductor laser and automotive industries and proven leadership in large corporations and successful start-ups, TriLumina has engineered over 40 U.S. patents, both granted and pending. This deep bench provides the stamina needed to ensure our mutual success in this burgeoning market.

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